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Beginning Again, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks

Every ending is a beginning. As the four-year developmental ministry draws to a close, we bid farewell to Rev. Jaye Brooks even as we open our hearts to the adventures ahead. In the life of every human being, endings are beginnings. As we let go of what we cannot hold, we turn our faces toward the newness that, eventually, we will welcome, cherish, and one day bid farewell.

Tenting Tonight, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks

On this Memorial Day weekend, our thoughts are drawn to the many lives lost in war. In the words of the old song from America’s Civil War, “Many are the hearts that are weary tonight, wishing for the war to cease.” As we honor the service and sacrifice of those who have died to protect the freedoms we cherish today, may we also offer our hands and hearts to the actions that build a just and lasting peace. In this service, soloists Sarah Moulton Faux, Leah Wool, and Brace Negron each shares a song that is especially meaningful to them as we near Memorial Day.

RE Bridging Service, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore

Our annual Bridging Worship Service celebrates transitions of the young people in the UUCSR Religious Education Program.

Songs My Mother Taught Me, Rev. David Carl Olson

On a morning of recognizing the strength, compassion, and courage of mother love, our congregational musicians will share songs their mothers would love to hear. Rev. Olson will reflect on the origins of the Mother's Day holiday as a day of recommitment to peace. We will share a ritual of flowers and a blessing for families of many shapes and sizes.

Soulful Sundown, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore

"Creativity and Imagination" Rev. Dr. Natalie M. Fenimore weaves spoken word with music from the Cosmic Orchestra onsite and online. Masks encouraged. Coffee House follows onsite with Guest Musical Artist Andy Falco.

Creating Possibility in Times of Uncertainty, Rev. Susan Frederick-Gray

We are living in uncertain times. So much of our world is fraught—from climate disasters and war and growing political challenges to democracy. It can be easy to despair. But there is an aliveness in nurturing possibility and creativity in these times—and these are absolutely needed now! Let’s reflect on how this aliveness is a source of strength for our communities and our values.

Color Me Red Color Me Green, led by Rev. David Carl Olson

April 30 marks the arrival of spring in northern Europe, and bonfires are lit to burn away the last of the winter. May 1 is a holiday birthed by the working class of the United States that is celebrated internationally as a workers’ holiday. This service is a call to reflection and action to be in solidarity with resistant workers who live closest to the earth, and to love and act for our resilient Mother Earth herself.

Music Sunday Worship Service: A Plea for Peace, led by Stephen Michael Smith and Rev. Jaye Brooks

This Music Sunday service, the first since the pre-pandemic Spring of 2019, features a cantata by Ralph Vaughan Williams: his great work, “Dona Nobis Pacem” (“Grant Us Peace”). Considering a world where peace may seem impossible, Vaughan Williams wrote this music in 1936–after one world war and before the next–as an explicit plea against war. It is, sadly, still relevant today as it lifts up the human longing for peace. Lyrics include poems by 19th-Century Unitarian Walt Whitman.

The UUCSR Choir and the Orchestra at Shelter Rock under the direction of Stephen Michael Smith.

Earth, Teach Me, led by Rev. David Carl Olson

Soulful Sundown, led by Erol Delos Santos, Student Minister

Erol Delos Santos, Student Minister, weaves spoken word with music from the Cosmic Orchestra onsite and online. Masks encouraged. Coffee House follows with Guest Musical Artist Jonah Smith.

The Open Heart, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks

The Open Heart, led by Rev. Jaye Brooks on April 9, 2023. The Christian celebration of Easter centers on an opening—a stone rolled away, a new era beginning. In the human heart, is there a stone that keeps us from change, from renewal? How do we roll that stone away, so that we greet each new day with an open heart?

Resisting Oppression, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore

Resisting Oppression, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore on April 2, 2023. The Jewish Passover story tells of a journey from slavery to freedom. This journey continues for many people and communities today. Can we find ourselves in solidarity with those who are resisting oppression?

Sunday Youth Worship Service: Life in Crescendo

This year's youth-led service is inspired by the late Steven R Covey's final book (published posthumously) with the same title, as Shelter Rock youth lift up the idea that the best part of life is always ahead. The many musical talents of our youth resonate with their spoken words. Come hear wonderful songs and stories from the congregation’s youth as they celebrate the unfolding mystery of life. When you live your life in crescendo, you continue to build your life's purpose and grow your individual and our collective impact in the world.

Led by Youth of Shelter Rock, Student Minister Erol Delos Santos, and Youth and Adult Faith Engagement Coordinator Jaime Walowitz

Walking Barefoot, led by Rev. David Carl Olson

Unitarian Universalist Viola Liuzzo walked barefoot during the 1965 march from Selma to Montgomery. Her daughter said, “She just hated shoes.” In the Hebrew Bible, removing one’s sandals is a recognition of humility when in the presence of the holy. Did Viola imagine that her walk for justice was an act of humility? Did she see herself in the presence of something divine?

Environmental Love, led by Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore

stewardship of a large property. What does it mean to love this land now and in the future?