LGBTQ+ Mission, Vision, and Covenant


The UUCSR LGBTQ Sub-Committee strives to serve as a source of fellowship and support for LGBTQ people and their allies in the UUCSR family. We seek to work with the congregation to make members and newcomers in the LGBTQ community feel safe and welcomed through education, inclusive language and practices, community-building events, and outreach and service.


“The LGBTQ+ Sub-Committee shall provide a forum and a support group for members and allies to educate ourselves and others about social, moral, ethical and economic issues affecting the LGBTQ+ community. It may take an announced position or action on LGBTQ+ issues in the sub-committee’s own name. It may affiliate with national or community activist groups and be listed as “The LGBTQ+ Sub-Committee of the Social Justice Committee of the Unitarian Universalist Congregation at Shelter Rock.” Only upon specific authorization by the Board of Trustees may the name of the Congregation itself be used.”


We agree to speak from our own experiences and perspectives. We agree to listen respectfully to the experiences and perspectives of other people. We agree to pay attention to the group process, making sure that everyone has opportunity to speak and to listen. We agree to use this time as an opportunity for ethical, religious, and spiritual discernment, rather than as a time to debate politics or public policy.