Governance and Administrative Groups

Organizational Structure at UUCSR

The Fifth Principle of Unitarian Universalism states that UUs affirm "The right of conscience and the use of the democratic process within our congregations and in society at large." The Principle describes a core value that is demonstrated in our organizational structures and commitment to lay leadership in partnership with called ministers and hired staff.

Governance and Administrative groups at Shelter Rock include:

Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees acts at the direction and in the interest of the
Congregation whom they represent, provides leadership consistent with its purposes and activities and is responsible for compliance with the Bylaws of the congregation.

Each minister shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of the Board of

Term of President and Vice President: One 2-year term
Term of Secretary and Treasurer: Two 2-year terms
Term of Term Trustee: One 3-year term
Total Board Members: 12


Building and Grounds Committee
Building and Grounds Committee

Buildings and Grounds shall be responsible for maintenance and operation of such property as the Board of Trustees may designate. (Bylaws 8.4 B)

Endowment Committee
Endowment Committee

Shall oversee the Congregation’s endowment in accordance with the goals and parameters set forth in the Stewardship Resolution, the Investment Policy Statement and any other funding resolution(s) and/or policies adopted by the Board of Trustees and/or Congregation. The committee shall also take up other matters related to the endowment as directed by the Board. The Endowment Committee shall consist of the Treasurer, the Chair of the Finance Committee (or designee) and five members at large. Additionally, the Board of Trustees may supplement the membership of the committee as permitted by these Bylaws. (Bylaws 8.4 D)

Member Resource Committee (MRC)

The Member Resource Committee shall recommend to the Board of Trustees persons to serve as chairs and members of all Administrative, Religious Observance and Congregational Support and Services committees, Board appointed AdHoc committees, and chairs of all program committees. It will solicit the Congregation for names of persons to be considered. When requested by the Board, it will review from time-to-time special needs of committees. It shall consist of the President of the Congregation, one member of the Board of Trustees, two members of the Program Council, (one will be Membership Chair) and four members at large. (Bylaws 8.4 G)

Each minister shall be a non-voting ex-officio member of all Standing

Term of Chair: Two 1-year terms
Member and Council Member at Large Term: Three 2-year terms
Term of Trustee: Up to 3-year terms

Committee Composition as Listed in its Charge: 8

Nominating Committee
Nominating Committee

A Nominating Committee of seven (7) members eligible to vote shall be
elected each year at the annual meeting, to serve until the next annual
meeting. Terms are limited to one year for all but one committee member
who will serve a second year as the “carryover,” for the sake of continuity.
No member may serve more than two successive terms. Each Nominating
Committee shall elect its own chair.