If you asked different UU’s, I am sure you would get many different answers. Perhaps that is because many do not realize that the Principles that attracted them to our religion are being transformed. When our association of Universalist & Unitarian congregations was formed in 1961 new bylaws had to be written for these two groups to merge. One of the most important ideals was that they were forming a religion that was a Living Tradition without dogmas. In doing so the new combined Board of the UUA decided that the Articles in the bylaws should be reviewed and revised every 15 years. The last revision was 38 years ago!

The UUA brought together UU’s from across the country of different ages and backgrounds to form the A2 Commission in 2020. They were charged with reviewing and rewriting Article 2 of the UUA bylaws with creativity, inspirational, memorable, and poetically frame our values as UU’s based on LOVE. They were instructed that there was nothing sacred about the number of principles nor sources.

The proposed changes to Article 2 of the UUA’s bylaws were approved by 85% of the delegates at the General Assembly in 2023.

The next step in the process was for the submission of further amendments made by UU congregations that were required to get 15 more congregations vote on approving the amendments, and send proof of their vote by minutes of their Congregation/Board by February 1, 2024 to the UUA. These amendments will be voted on in mini-assemblies during General Assembly 2024 which will be virtual. For the Article 2 Proposal to be approved 2/3 of the delegates must approve.

DAC will be sponsoring an informational workshop for those interested on March 3, 2024 in the Art Gallery from 1:00-3:00 PM. This will be a hybrid event, and members of LIAC (Long Island Area Council of UU Congregations) will be invited to attend. It is suggested that members interested in being delegates from UUCSR also attend.

The workshop will be led by Rick Schwartz, DAC member, and former co-facilitator for the A2 Commission.

Submitted by UUCSR Member Rick Schwartz