The Eighth Principle calls on us to perform specific actions to confront racism and other oppressions. One way we can do that as members of UUCSR is to support organizations that are working to mitigate racism’s worst oppressions, like mass incarceration.

Here’s one such organization: Release Aging People in Prison. RAPP is actively engaged in lobbying the New York State Legislature to pass two bills furthering parole justice: These bills, the Elder Parole bill and the Just and Timely Parole bill, will allow prisoners 55 years old and older who have served more than 15 years to have a chance to go before the parole board and plead their case; plus have the Parole Board consider not just the nature of whatever crime got them there, but also if and how a prisoner has CHANGED during the course of their imprisonment. RAPP also asks the governor to appoint parole board members who have a background not just in criminal justice, but in human justice, like psychology or social work. Besides helping to alleviate the problem of mass incarceration, RAPP’s efforts when successful will be a big help to our families and community, plus give taxpayers a savings of $200,000 per prisoner per year! For information and opportunity to donate, visit