As we begin another congregational year, your ministers want you to know that we are here with you. Sometimes people have said that they have not contacted us with their concerns because they feel that their concerns are “not that serious,” or because the
ministers are “too busy.” It is important to us that you know that we do want to know about you and your concerns.

Consider contacting a minister—
When you want to talk about religion or spirituality
When there is a death in the family
When someone is in the hospital or going to be
When someone needs a call or visit
When you need to plan a wedding
When you wish to dedicate a child
When you are arrested or in jail
When you do not know us well and want to get better acquainted
When you want to talk through an important life choice
When you want to compliment us on our practice of ministry or to
tell us what you think about how things are going in congregational life.

Please keep in touch.

Rev. Dr. Natalie Fenimore
Rev. David Carl Olson
Rev. Israel Buffardi