September 8, 2023

Dear Fellow Members of UUCSR,

As most of you are aware, the proposed changes to Article ll of the UUA Bylaws passed the first vote at the UUA General Assembly in Pittsburgh, PA by over 80 percent.

Our job over the next year is to see how our values as presented in the new Purposes and Covenants fit our Congregation and our lives.

The next step is for the Article ll Study Commission is to take into account the decisions of the General Assembly and prepare a Proposal to Amend the Article ll Bylaws. Their report must be delivered to the Board of Trustees of the UUA before December 25, 2023. [This is based on Bylaws section c-15.1] At this time, the thought is that it will be completed before it is due.

Thank you for participating in the future of our religion.

Yours in faith,

Rick Schwartz
Member of UUCSR Denominational Affairs, and Social Justice Committees, Racial Justice Sub-Committee, and Veatch Board of Governors


2023-09 UUA Article 2 Package