Remembering 9/11

The Manhasset Clergy Association held its annual remembrance of the attacks on the world Trade Center on September 11, 2001. Religious leaders representing Judaism and Islam joined Roman Catholic, Greek Orthodox and Protestant Christian traditions in a service that was moved from Mary Jane Davies Park to St. Mary’s Roman Catholic Church due to rain.

In addition to these religious leaders, the Manhasset High School Symphonic Choir and an anthem and led the congregation in soulful, patriotic songs. The congregation included a large number of firefighters from the Manhasset-Lakeville Fire Department, along with a number of police officers and medical first responders.

Rev. Jimmy Only of the Congregational Church of Manhasset, United Church of Christ, invited those present to come forward to name persons who had been lost during the terrorist attack along with a large number of people who died diagnosed with 9/11 related illness.

I was invited to lead a litany of remembrance, and pleased to invite people to stand as they were able in body and spirit to respond as shown to the following litany:

One:   When we remember that fateful morning, we recall the stockbrokers, office workers, maintenance workers, bystanders, window-washers and all the others who worked together so valiantly to help each other, we can say together,

All:    We remember great courage.

One:  When we recall the firefighters who rushed upstairs as most everyone else was racing out, who worked tirelessly until the towers came crashing down on top of them, we can say together,

All:    We remember heroic service.

One:   When we recall the police officers who stood to protect and defend the people and performed their duties until it was too late, we can say together,

All:    We remember selfless sacrifice.
One:   When we recall the thousands of workers, women and men, old and young, single and married, who did not escape the buildings, we can say together,

All:    We remember the loss of precious human life.

One:  When we recall those citizens who rushed to help, and did all they could to make a difference, we can say together,

All:    We remember those who gave their all for others.
On this
night as we remember, we also give thanks.  Amen

(Adapted from a litany by Eileen Lindner and Marcel Welty.)