Your UU@UN envoy met on July 13, 2023 by Zoom, with representatives from the UUSC and the College of Social Justice. The focus was on the transitioning of UUA work since the office of the UN@UN is no longer in effect. Amongst those present were Alicia Forde, Salote Soto, and Lauren Randal of the UUSC, and Deanna Vandiver of the College of Social Justice.

Among the topics discussed was how the connection can be made to support a Unitarian human rights agenda. These are linked to influence decision makers in and around the United Nations.

The UUSC participares in many United Nations events including :

The UN Permanent Forum on  Indigenous Issues

The annual Commission on the Status of Women

The annual  COP (Conference of the Parties) towards the Paris Agreement

UN High Level Political Forum

The UN General Assembly

UN Climate Week

The UN Biodiversity Conference

Discussion ensued as to how to increase congregational engagement and awareness.  Outreach will be made to those UU@UN envoys so that their strengths and experience may be drawn upon going forward. One of the specific actions that will be encouraged is their leadership in carrying out UN Sunday as in the past.

Submitted by Janet Bendowitz, for the Denominational Affairs Committee