Millennials value community, cooperation, and service.

UUCSR’s Lifespan Religious Education program welcomes young families who pursue the “spiritual but not religious path” to find community. We recently held a series of workshops in walking the labyrinth and reflecting on the personal and shared meanings each found in the task. One Sunday morning workshop was centered on young families; a second staffed by young adults was held around a simple evening meal; and a final workshop took place at an all-congregation retreat where individuals, over the course of a day, were invited to engage the same walk. Pastoral care was offered in all these settings.

We offer care in ways that are sensitive to LGBT people and to the people of color who find their ways to our multicultural services of worship. A strong music and arts program offers a place for creatives to connect.

Direct service is offered in our relationship with the Roosevelt Community Garden where volunteers of all ages assist in whatever is needed. This “hands on” engagement helps young adults and young families connect to their own sense of our interrelatedness with the earth and all her creatures.

Words of Clarity as submitted to Newsday by Rev. David Carl Olson (June 2023)