Make the Circle Bigger
24th Annual Intergenerational Retreat at Camp Zeke

Thank you to all the participants—young and old, from one to ninety-nine years, whose involvement made this retreat so successful.

The theme song Make the Circle Bigger composed by Bruce Torff set the tone for widening our circle of friends, sharing our stories and delicious meals, playing and having fun together, and sharing spiritual experiences.

Member led workshops and evening programs, as well as children and youth programs (developed and supervised by camp counselors) engaged all of us throughout the weekend. Rev. Dr. Natalie’s porch chat on the UUA proposed Covenant was timely and important to all.

An evening service officiated by Rev. David and a Memorial Day service led by Stephen Michael Smith were the spiritual highlights of the retreat. Picture a covered pavilion in a forest setting overlooking a lake and you will have a sense of the peace and the stillness that enhanced the spoken words.

The evening programs: family bingo, the movie “Puzzle”, karaoke, sing-along-camp fire with s’mores, Club Night with the the Any Given Sunday Band, a multi-generational dance with DJ, the ice cream social with the “scooper sisters” (Suzanne and Rachel) overseeing the operation, and the Talent Show were enjoyed by all and were great successes. Laura Torff did an amazing job in organizing the many Talent Show acts.

The retreat ended with the Grand March to our new marching song Stars and Stripes Forever. Eric Titcomb took the group photo after the march.

It truly takes a group of committed, talented volunteers to plan and carry out a successful, vibrant, and meaningful retreat. Thank you to all the people who attended and participated participated in the retreat and and also thank you to the Working Group Members:

Martha and Vince Chimienti (co-coordinators)
Barbara Dilsner – Bus Monitor, supplies (thank you Mary Lou for taking Barbara’s place this year)
Rebecca Muellers – Children & Youth Program.
Bruce & Laura Torff – Entertainment, Talent Show
Eric Titcomb and Gary Mitchell – AV
Suzanne Viverito, Claire and Richard Paccione, Tom and Audrey Murphy – who step in as needed

Stephen Michael Smith – Thank you for all that you do to minister to the congregation. You are truly an inspiration for us, and beloved by all.

Thank you to the UUCSR staff, Adam Barshak, Sharyn Esposito, Jen Sappell, Linda McCarthy, for your hard work and support. Without you, this retreat would not have been possible.

The list of accolades would not be complete without recognizing and thanking the Camp Zeke director, Laurie Epstein, as well as Andrew, Riva, Katie, and Matt and the people on Camp Zeke’s staff who all perform exemplary work with enthusiasm, friendliness and smiles.

Chef Frankie was wonderful: as we were leaving people thronged around him to ask for his recipes for Moroccan stew and other delicious meals.

Camp Zeke, you amaze us. Your flexibility, kindness and acceptance of “our ways” are truly “Mitzvahs”.

Carla and Paul Drezner – Co-coordinators – All Congregation Retreat