Covid Safety Plan

effective June 14, 2023

as adopted by the UUCSR Board of Trustees

The plan eliminates requirements for masking and testing.

The plan continues to follow CDC guidelines for positive Covid results or exposure. Members, staff, and guests are always welcome to wear masks as they feel appropriate.

The new Plan is in effect until such time as there is requirement from federal, state, or local government entities mandating different risk mitigation or there is a revision approved by the Board of Trustees.

Do I need to be vaccinated to participate in indoor programming?

No. Additionally, proof of vaccination is no longer a requirement for employment (effective June 14, 2023).

Do I need to sign in?

No, the Congregation does not conduct contract tracking. The Congregation, at its discretion, may communicate to members and staff if there is a known positive Covid case.

Do I need to wear a mask?

No. Masks are not required. In general, masking is encouraged, supported, and welcomed for those at health risk!

Will the Congregation continue to have masks available onsite for those who request them?

Yes, the Congregation will maintain a supply of masks at the Main and Lower Lobby’s welcome and reception desks.

Will the Congregation continue to have rapid Covid test kits available?

No. Rapid tests will no longer be provided, given their cost and quick expirations. Anyone with Covid symptoms is encouraged to use home tests or obtain a PCR test.

Do I need to socially distance?

Distancing is not required for any activity.

Are there occupancy limits or restrictions on use of space?

No. All rooms can be used to their maximum occupancy.

Are there restrictions on the entrances to the building?

No. All entrances may be accessed as normally appropriate and in line with safe building ingress/egress.

Is indoor dining allowed?

Yes. There are no Covid related restrictions on indoor dining.

Are Sundays restricted to Worship and Religious Education?

No. Any congregational activity may occur on Sunday as long as it is not held at the same time as the Worship Service or a Congregational meeting and is in line with other programming policies. Masks are no longer required for singing.

Can non congregational programming occur at the congregation?

Yes, outside groups are now eligible to utilize the Congregation’s property.

What other safety measures are in place?

Members and staff who have Covid or suspect illness/exposure should remain at home and take care of themselves and their families. CDC guidelines for Covid positive cases or exposures should be followed.